In a world where young people would rather listen to stand up comedy than be exposed to the greatest literature the world has to offer, somebody has to intervene.
The Johnathan E. Mulaney Public Library has the mission of sharing profound and inspiring literature to the younger generation through the one vessel that they seem to eat up: the voice, cadence, and demeanor of stand up comedian Mr. John Mulaney.
How is this possible? We took a voice sample of Mr. Mulaney and ran it through a piece of software that created a near-identical copy. Using this, we are able to have Mr. Mulaney "read" any piece of literature that we throw at it. Technology, isn't it great?
Why don't you have my favorite book? First of all, we only have permission to publish work in the public domain. And while this AI-voice process is impressive, it is long and expensive. We are only able to produce poems and short stories at this point. As for the future, Moby Dick is currently our "white whale."
Is this legal? Honestly, we're not sure! That's the crazy thing about technology, it evolves so fast that it forces us to engage in a legal/ethical grey area. All we can say is that if this website is taken down for any reason, it will be at the request of either Mr. Mulaney or any content-hosting platforms.
How can I help? Spread the word! Share with your friends/people who don't read enough. You know who they are.
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